This land is my land…

Hey friends and future-friends!  Welcome to my animation art blog.

You have now entered into the land of my unfiltered ideas.  This land will be populated by various scratches and scribbles, but also, over in the nicer part of town, you will find more formal ideas, like the shorts I’ve been chipping away at in various forms over the years, or, the feature film idea that just might get re-zoned as a graphic novel.  Hike in a little farther, and you might find some tips and tutorials on storyboarding and general cartoon-making.  Veer into the warehouse district, and you might encounter an old storyboard excerpt from a show I worked on looooong ago.  And if you dare venture over into that hollow over there…yes, just keep following the banjo music…you’ll find my own takes, or, dare I say it, reviews, of films, animated or otherwise, that I just can’t keep my mouth shut about.

Enjoy your stay!


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