Okay.  Here’s the deal.  I have a few projects I’d like to share about, but I can never decide which one to concentrate on.  So, to help me focus, and to help you know what to expect on any given day (or at least certain given days), I’ve decided to set aside specific days of the week for specific projects.  Since we’re here on a Monday, and I’ve got a hankerin’ to post about my early Donkeyboy scribbles, Monday will heretofore be known as Donkeyboy day.  The week, then will look like this:

Monday:  Donkeyboy

Wednesday:  Amos & Slim

Friday:  French Moto

What are “Amos & Slim” and “French Moto” you say?  Well, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday and Friday now won’t you?  I have a bit of a backlog of stuff on each project, but I’m hoping that once I post what I have, I’ll be motivated to produce some more.  Ah!  The pressure!  I feel it already!    If I’m feeling prolific, I will fill in the other days with whatever tickles my fancy.  Some miscellaneous things come to mind, like all the greeting cards I’ve done for my family.  Could be fun.

Hopefully that will keep both of us coming back to this humble lil blog.  Meanwhile, here’s the Donkeyboy stuff I promised…

When I was a board artist at Disney, somewhere around my early Kim Possible days, I got this Pentel brush pen and started fiddling around with it.  For some reason, I started drawing a donkey’s head.  Then, I began distilling it, with each version trying to make it with more appeal, until, to my utter surprise, Donkeyboy came to life before my eyes.

The "birth" of Donkeyboy

Next thing you know I was sketching out vignettes.

Story notes started to take shape in the margins.

Some story notes made it into the final story, some ended up being brainstorming casualties (for instance, the bit below about his parents being normal pack animals.)

I was training for a marathon at this time in my life, too, and my longer runs allowed me the perfect zone-out time to ruminate on what the story should be.  After many, many miles, Donkeyboy’s story began to take shape.

Next week:  Donkeyboy’s story.  Influences.  Inspirations.

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