It all started with the Majestic

It was the mid-nineties.  I was subletting in Chicago.  Something drew me to the travelling exhibit of the Guggenheim Art of the Motorcycle.  The early motorcycle designs, before a standard was figured out, was nothing short of spectacular.  It was art.  Form did not always follow function.  And sometimes that led to some of the most thrilling motorcycle designs.  I did not know quite what to do with the excitement I felt about theses motorcycles.  Luckily, I bought the exhibit book.

Years later, going through that book, sketching some of my favorite cycles, I began to formulate the bones of a story.  A story in which I could incorporate many of my favorite motorcycle designs.  I realized the period in history when these motorcycles were cooked up was roughly post-the Great War, or WW I.  So, with the working title of French Moto, a coming of age story is born of a pre-teen/early teen girl who falls in love with the motorcycle and a boy who rides them.  What complicates things is that her father is a wounded veteran from the Great War and wants nothing to do with machinery after seeing machines enable such unimaginable carnage.  Will she pursue her dreams or bow to her father’s wishes?

Much more to come.

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