an oldie, but a goodie

Some of my friends have already seen this, but it’s definitely worth a post here on the ole bloggy blog.  This was an animated Valentine to my wife a few years ago.  I spent about a week’s worth of nights (including one all-nighter) to churn it out.  Drawn, painted, and animated in Flash.  (I need to learn Toonboom’s Animate for my next one, because, even though Flash was easy to draw and animate in, there were so many headaches and workarounds needed to output it as a quicktime, that I vowed to never work in Flash again.)  The block painting style was just a matter of necessity being the mother of invention.  I had to knock this baby out quickly, so I only had time to paint one splotch of color per character/pose.  And as you can see, I also made liberal use of animated symbols, scaled up or down or moving across the screen.  I love how limitations can breed creativity and lead you to a result you never anticipated.  All in all, I was very happy with it, and so was my wife, which, in the end, was the most important thing anyway, right?

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