donkeyboy: the Conclusion

This week, Tuesday is the new Monday.  Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one.  Here we have the last installment of the donkeyboy saga.  As you can tell, there are more roughs this time; as I got near the end, I just wanted to get it all down.  Time-consuming clean-ups come later. The […]

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brown bag mariachi

A friend of mine had a mariachi band at his 30th birthday party, and this one member of the group was just screaming out to be sketched.  The only materials I could scrounge was a brown paper bag and a stubby green colored pencil.“Brown Bag Mariachi.”  Sounds like a movie title.  Or a comic book, […]

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Slumming with Celebs, RECESS era

When I was the storyboard supervisor on Recess:  School’s Out, we had two big names cast as our villain, Dr. Benedict, and I attended each recording session to sketch mannerisms that I could incorporate into the acting of their animated doppleganger.  The first was Burt Reynolds.  His performance seemed ok at first, but once we […]

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donkeyboy: drama under the bigtop!

Welcome!  Welcome!  Ladieeez  and Genlemun!  Sure to excite and stimulate, leading a madcap display of danger-defying feats of skill and audacity, in the center ring, the deacon of derrring-do…iiiiiit’s…DONKEYBOY!!! Wooo…the tension is getting thick!  Even with the whole circus behind him, can donkeyboy stand up to the merciless ridicule of the bully?  Be sure to […]

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“The Naked Mole Rap”

I know today is Amos & Slim Wednesday.  Well, see, the problem is…I have too much Amos & Slim.  I’ve begun boarding it, and it’s heavily posed out, looking ahead to an animatic.  So, knowing you won’t want to see every incremental change from panel to panel (especially camera moves), I’m having difficulty choosing the […]

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donkeyboy: Emotional Rescue

Happy Monday, everyone.  Sorry for neglecting Amos & Slim and French Moto so much.  I promise to catch up soon  (Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary back-to-back kinda derailed me on the extracurricular art front.) So, in today’s installment of donkeyboy, we find the little girl feeling remorse for how she and her classmates treated […]

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Penguins No More

I recently moved on from directing on Penguins of Madagascar to work on the TMNT reboot.  I wanted to leave something special for my supervising producer, Nick Filippi and my Exec. Producers, Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley.  I loved working with them and owe them a lot.  Here is the card I came up with […]

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