click-click-click…there’s no place like home…

I’d just like to own up to the sudden vacuum encountered when checking in on my blog in the last week.  It was not because I had found a new shiny object and given up on the whole blog-thing already.  I was actually on vacation for a week in Michigan, my home state, and, continuing with the whole vacuum/Oz/twister theme, had to live through a very real tornado situation.  The northern edge of that wall of storms that ravaged the country last week passed through lower Michigan and right over our heads.  Nothing too serious, but there were a couple twisters sighted within 10 miles of us.  And a LOT of hail.

So, after some urgent heel-clicking, we are safely back in Cali.  And I’ve got some catching up to do on posts.  So, please come back…


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