Witness: donkeyboy!

Today, we finally witness the first appearance of donkeyboy!  The little girl and a couple classmates notice a strange structure reminiscent of the blanket forts they used to build in their living rooms on rainy days.  But bigger…

They investigate…

Donkeyboy, the eternal optimist, emerges like a showman, sure to be welcomed.  (I do have an inked version of this, but, typical of projects that languish too long in a forgotten drawer or closet, I cannot locate it.  So here is the thumbnail.  Thumbs are more fun to see anyway, right?)

Donkeyboy does not receive the welcome he anticipated.  The boys do what most elementary school-aged kids do when faced with another kid very different from them:  tease mercilessly.  The girl is horrified by the cruel teasing, but does nothing to stop them.Another rough (the inked version was the 1st post on this blog.)  Donkeyboy is left in tears.  The girl reluctantly leaves with her classmates.(This is a not quite inked–it’s a rough done digitally on my cintiq.  So it still needs the same ink job as the others.)The little girl is torn.  Will she follow her heart and comfort donkeyboy, or will she continue to hide in the safety of conformity?  Find out next time!


2 thoughts on “Witness: donkeyboy!

    1. C’mon Kyle, don’t you remember, elementary school…it was like Greek tragedy. Tune in next week when db gouges his eyes out. And don’t even ask about his mom. (just kidding. really.)

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