donkeyboy: Emotional Rescue

Happy Monday, everyone.  Sorry for neglecting Amos & Slim and French Moto so much.  I promise to catch up soon  (Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary back-to-back kinda derailed me on the extracurricular art front.)

So, in today’s installment of donkeyboy, we find the little girl feeling remorse for how she and her classmates treated poor donkeyboy.  She decides to make it up to him.  She and her two dogs join him to put on a neighborhood circus.  During their rehearsals, a crowd starts to form, curious about what’s going on in the make-shift big top.  Tune in next week to see what they find.  (Hint:  what’s on the inside is sometimes much more interesting and fabulous than what’s on the outside.)

Just a couple notes about today’s art; a couple of the roughs present a slight departure from what was established in some of the earlier panels and I was wondering if I could get any of your input (yes you, dear reader!)  In today’s first panel, I made the tree that db’s caravan is parked in front of huge.  My inspiration was the camphor tree in My Neighbor Totoro.  Should I go with the larger tree (I was hoping it would give the area more of a mystique and sense of magic), or just go with the original line of trees?  I also put it on a slight hill to keep db and his caravan isolated from the rest of the neighborhood.  Hill or no hill?  As you can see, the last panel of today’s post hooks up with the hill choice.  However, if I go with the hill choice, there are some earlier panels that I did where db is going back and forth from his tent with armloads of circus supplies, that play really well on the flatter composition (did I post those?  I’ll have to try to dig those up.)  It would also affect the compositions in which we first see the caravan parked in the weeds beneath the trees.  Seems like a small dilemma, but these are the things I waffle on sometimes.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in my comment section.

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