“The Naked Mole Rap”

I know today is Amos & Slim Wednesday.  Well, see, the problem is…I have too much Amos & Slim.  I’ve begun boarding it, and it’s heavily posed out, looking ahead to an animatic.  So, knowing you won’t want to see every incremental change from panel to panel (especially camera moves), I’m having difficulty choosing the most appropriate panels to post.  Okay…to be honest…I don’t want to POST every incremental change from panel to panel, so I’ve decided to reduce it down to a beat board for the purpose of posting.  Eventually, once I start editing the animatic, I’ll start posting exerpt-quicktimes from the editing progress I’m making.  THEN you’ll get to see ALL the panels in all their moving glory.

Meanwhile,  here’s a little blast from the past.  When I was doing boards on Kim Possible for my director, Steve Loter, he assigned me to do the music video for this little ditty called the “Naked Mole Rap.”  Shortly after being assigned, I had to take a flight back to Michigan to visit family.  The flight is almost 4 hours long, so I took the opportunity to start thumb-nailing some ideas down in my sketchbook.  This pages are what came out, and most of them got cleaned-up and embellished and made it into the show fairly intact.  (Some of it’s is out of order with the song, but that is just a product of letting the ideas come stream-of-conscious style, without editing, then figuring out how it all works together later.  I’ve found this approach especially helpful with song sequences that don’t necessarily rely on a sequential narrative, and, more often than not, benefit from unexpected juxtapositions.)

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