Amos & Slim: first sequence! And it’s HOT!

This is the kick-off sequence to this short I’m boarding that doesn’t quite have a title yet beyond the main characters’ names, Amos & Slim.  If anything strikes you, feel free to chime in on the comments section.  “Thirst,” maybe?  Perhaps divine inspiration will smack me upside the head as I get deeper into the story.  Anyway, all I wanted to do with this opening was to get across just how remote, desolate, and bloody hot this place is.  Think Baker, CA.  Without any amenities.  Or a giant thermometer.  Just a general store, a forgotten, disused motel, an empty swimming pool, and a rusty windmill.  And heat.  Lots of heat.

Next installment:  Amos & Slim’s dial-a-ride deposit them at their daily hang-out, the Oasis’ front porch.  Tune in!  It’ll be steamy!

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