Inspiration for Amos

The inspiration for Amos’ design was this little old lady that shared a room with my mom in hospice.  She had droopy eyelids so heavy that they seemed to cover her eyes, unless she decided to look up at you.  I had to sketch her.  I loved her look so much, that I knew right […]

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Cutesy Animal Illustrations

My wife and I usually make all our birthday cards and invitations, and inevitably I will be required to make an illustration–preferably the adorable cute kind, as these are cards for little kids.  I usually do them in Illustrator so my wife can size it up or down with no resolution loss.  Plus it was […]

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Weird Monsters

I couple years ago, a writer friend of mine was putting together a pitch bible for a show he and his writing partner were developing.  He described these kooky monsters to me, and asked if I could come up with some artwork for them.  I included a rough, more whimsical approach to the Frog monster, […]

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Emmy Awards

I’m heading to the Emmy Awards tonight to see if a Best Director Emmy is in the cards for my work on Penguins of Madagascar.  I’ll be sharing the spotlight with my good friends and colleagues, Nick Filippi, Christo Stamboliev, and Steve Loter.  Wish us luck!

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