Skype guest lecture with Freelance University in Auckland

Last night I completed a 21st Century guest lecture…via Skype…with animation students on the other side of the world in Auckland, NZ.  It went really well.  At least I think it did; the only quirky thing about the lecture-via-Skype thing is that I can’t readily judge the reactions of the audience, to see, for example, if I’m blathering on too long on a particular topic and should hurry along to the next point.

I was approached to do something like this by Leanne Choi, one of the teachers at Freelance University, after speaking at a panel at AnimFX in Wellington last November.  I’m thrilled that it came to fruition in such a seamless way, and I hope that the students got some good tidbits to help them make that difficult transition from student to professional.

The lecture ended in a very cartoony way:  as they were playing an animatic I provided for an example, this crazy siren-type sound started blaring.  I wondered if something had gone wrong with the sound on my animatic.  But no.  It was their fire alarm!  I guess it was a sign to wrap up!  (I joked with my wife that it was probably a student who decided enough was enough:  “Oops, I think I ‘accidentally’ pulled the fire alarm!  Oh well.  I guess we’ll have to just end the lecture there!”

Anyway, if any Freelance students read this–thanks for having me and good luck in your final projects!

One thought on “Skype guest lecture with Freelance University in Auckland

  1. We found out later that it was a fire drill exercise. We couldn’t believe it going off in the middle of the lecture! I totally agree with your comment; lecture ending in a very cartoony way, hahaha. No more fire alarms for the next lectures!

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