Remember “French Moto” Fridays?

I finally digitized some of the earliest exploratory sketches I did for this story, which I can now share with you.  I sketched some of my favorite early motorcycles from the Guggenheim exhibit “Art of the Motorcyle,” mainly to figure out how to draw them.  You can see I then experimented with a stripped down, stylized version of the Majestic.

Also included are some of the first explorations of the main character, Sophie, and her dad.  Her dad evolved quite a bit from the first sketch.  He first came out a bit big and oafish (I do not like this version at all.)  But the next approach he thinned out with lots of hard angles to his cheeks, nose, and head.  And I chose to give him the squinty eyes to give him an air of the impenetrable.  He’s a veteran of the Great War (WWI) and hides a lot of pain behind those eyes.  He wants to protect Sophie from that pain.  She has a natural proclivity towards machinery and a gift for figuring out how they work.  But her father has seen first hand how advancements in technology and machinery can lead to carnage and despair on an incomprehensible scale.  So he forbids her to tinker with any machines.  We’ll see how that works out for him…

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