Wino dogs

When I used to walk my good ole black lab, Jasmine, it seemed like she used to stop and sniff every little scent that she encountered.  What if dogs thought of scents like wine aficionados do wine, and when they got together in the dog park, they compared notes on different scents like wine snobs? […]

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1,000 visits! Huzzah!!!

Thanks to everyone who has come to see my humble art blog.  I appreciate your eyeballs looking in my direction.  Y’all come back now, y’hear? Here’s a little aimless sketch for your trouble, mostly about raccoons fishing.  Cheers!    

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Line of action

Just a quick post about one of the most important tools an artist can use when drawing the human body, and by extension, any other character.  Line of action.  It can make even the most mundane poses become interesting.  It can inform even a stationary standing or sitting pose with the subtext of that character’s […]

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