Bespectacled Nun

About 4 years ago, I was on a high speed train with wifey, hurtling across the Italian countryside from Rome to Florence.  Seated across from me was an elderly nun with these huge round, thick glasses on, reading.  They were the type of glasses that had to be pushed up the bridge of her nose every couple minutes.  Luckily, I had my sketchbook with me…

2 thoughts on “Bespectacled Nun

  1. I’d say this nun has style…why she’s wearing the very same glasses I see on the faces of our youth today. The notorious thick-framed “hipster” sunglasses that comes in various colors! What you’ve captured is a fashion trend by an accidental trendsetter 🙂

    1. Well, it IS Italy, after all. Fashions you see in Italy today, will be all the rage elsewhere NEXT YEAR. Even fashions worn by nuns, apparently. Maybe her habit is made by Prada. Heck, Prada makes the Italian police uniforms, why not?

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