Line of action

Just a quick post about one of the most important tools an artist can use when drawing the human body, and by extension, any other character.  Line of action.  It can make even the most mundane poses become interesting.  It can inform even a stationary standing or sitting pose with the subtext of that character’s personality and how they are feeling at that moment.  It’s the difference between a seated character that is happy or sad, expectant or exhausted, fearful or brave.  It is a gestural line that can be drawn through the character’s body that distills and best describes the posture of that character’s pose, which, in turn, is reflective of that character’s deeper state of mind.  It is also essential in movement poses to show motion, even in a breakdown of a running pose, for example.

Below is one example I drew for somebody when trying to visually describe “line of action.”


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