The way we say goodbye in toonland…

Back in 2007 (I think), as Making Fiends was winding down production, my trusted animatic editor was leaving us.  She went through thick and thin for me and my EPs Dave Wasson and Amy Winfrey, so I wanted to send her on her way with a drawing that would give her a chuckle.  She had this calendar where each month was a photo of some crazy-looking prize chicken.  Some had regal crowns, or poofy collar-like feathers.  I never knew there were so many different and freaky-looking types of chickens, and Michelle and I used to joke that the only way the animatics got done on our crazy schedule was that the chickens kept working on them when we slept (like little animation elves.)  So this cartoon shows the real reason behind Michelle’s success as she sheepishly takes all the credit.  My favorite chicken is the one that is haughtily ripping up the notes we received on our animatic.  heh-heh.  (That’s me in the back with a chicken roosting on my head.  Anybody that knows Dave Wasson or Amy Winfrey should recognize them, too.  I hope.)

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