I met a movie star!

So I’m working on a movie in the Pixie Hollow fairy franchise for Disney, and ours centers on Fawn, the animal talent fairy.  Well, while at Disneyland recently, we decided to go to the Pixie Hollow attraction so my daughters could meet and take photos with a couple of the Disney fairies.  As we took our place our place in line, one of the attendants apologetically announced that Tinkerbell was taking a break and we might want to come back later.  “Who is in Pixie Hollow right now?”  I inquired.  “Fawn.”  Perfect.

So it wasn’t just my girls who got photos with Fawn!

Holy Home Tree! It’s Fawn!

2 thoughts on “I met a movie star!

  1. How do I get in touch with you about using one of your drawings for a t-shirt design? I work with an artist that has a song called Pontoon Boat and wanted to use your illustration of the ‘people partying on a pontoon boat’. Thanks

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