Storyboard Rules series kick-off

So I realize I’ve been a fickle blog author, posting tidbits once in a blue moon or in fits and starts.  While combing through boxes of unknown piles of paper I found the perfect antidote to this problem:  the germ of two series of posts!

Series One:  Storyboard Rules

Whenever you start on a new show, the director gives the storyboard crew a document that lists the do’s and don’ts of how they want their storyboards done.  Everything from preference of notation to preference of filmmaking technique is listed and explained, usually with visual reference.  I managed to keep most of the ones I’ve received.  Looking over them, the most interesting thing I noticed was how many of the rules still apply despite the fact that some rules became moot with the onset of digital storyboarding.  See if you can notice what rules became obsolete.  I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you of a certain young age will no doubt wonder why the Hell anyone ever needed to express a preference of removable tape over normal sticky scotch tape.  And do any of you out there remember the constant trips to the copy machine to copy panels for under-drawings or “same-as” panels?  Think about that next time you bitch about Storyboard Pro!

This week I’m going to post the rules from the Hercules TV show, Simpsons storyboard rules (written by non other than Brad Bird!)  Disclaimer–I never worked on Simpsons, but a director of mine gave the rules to me as good general reference.  I’ll end this week with the rules of Lloyd in Space.  Next week, will be 2 sets of rules we received for Kim Possible (one for dialogue sequences, and one for action sequences,) and the book-length rules of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (a show I tested for but never had the pleasure of working on.)

Following this series, I might post something on “how to time sheets” by my director on Recess, Chuck Sheetz.

In an unprecedented bit of long-range planning, I’m announcing:

Series Two:  Thumbnail boards!  I pledge to then start posting something else I’ve saved over the years.  Complete thumbnail boards of different shows I’ve worked on like Recess, Recess:  School’s Out (the movie), Lloyd in Space, Kim Possible, and maybe a few others.

Okay…on to a downpayment on the first series!  Enjoy the storyboard rules of Hercules, known to the members of its crew as…The Greekly World News!

Hercules SB rules


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