Simpsons Storyboard Rules, with Brad Bird’s “Pearls of Wisdom!”

Today’s “episode” of Storyboard Rules is brought to you by the Simpsons.  (I apologize for the sideways format of the handout, but hey, print it out and you can turn it 90 degrees–bingo!  Readable handout.)

There is a cornucopia of great filmmaking advice in this handout.  Especially the parts about screen direction and “crossing the line.”  This is a potentially dense and hard-to-understand topic of filmmaking, especially for neophytes, and the Simpsons board rules does a great job of explaining it very clearly with easy to  understand examples.  Some of the “rules” are definitely particular to the Simpsons and also reflect some of the preferences of its directors (which they note–see the pearl of wisdom regarding cutting off characters’ heads in FG OTS shots.)

So, enjoy the rules of storyboarding according to the folks who made the Simpsons.  As with all of these rules handouts, know that there are some rules that are more universal than others, so if a rule doesn’t jive with a project you are making (unless it’s something like screen direction), disregard it and  forge your own stylistic path!

Simpsons SB rules

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