Lloyd in Space Storyboard Do’s & Don’t’s

Well, it’s week two in my “Storyboard Rules Series” extravaganza.  Today’s post is not as visual as the Foster’s post.  As in, not visual at all.  Sorry, but consider the Lloyd in Space board rules almost as a time capsule.  It’s a window into a time when we commonly cut out panels (from paper!) and taped them down (with scotch tape!) when making revisions.  A time when we had to write funny little notations all over the place, like “hook-up” or “cont” or “bi-pack.”  A time when we could draw the bg in the first panel of a scene, and then only write S/A for the bgs in the remainder of that scene.  Not to mention all the trips to the copy machine.  Ugh–thank God those days are gone.

These rules were designed to prevent the things that typically drove directors crazy.  Missing backgrounds, uninspired and unmotivated acting, messy drawings,  drawing with a blue pencil that won’t xerox, sloppy compositions, not using approved props & bgs, and on and on and on.  Not to say that these problems still didn’t happen, but this list represents the director trying to minimize them as much as possible.  Even the notes regarding art (16, 24, 26, & 27) fall into this category.

In case you were never “blessed” with knowing–BSP stands for Broadcast Standards and Practices.  In other words, the censors.  Joy killers.  I need to write a whole other post regarding this part of the TV animation universe.  Another time.

Meanwhile, enjoy your trip in the way, way back machine.

Lloyd in Space SB rules

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