Kim Possible Storyboard Rules, part I – dialogue sequences

Kim Possible was such a great show to work on.  Among the many reasons was the fact that each episode had a great deal of comedy driven, personality focused sequences, with at least one action set piece sequence.  Today I’m going to focus on the dialogue driven personality sequences.  Dialogue sequences can tend to be boring sometimes unless we work hard to make it interesting.  Variety of shots, strong poses, believable motivated acting, and charm are just a few of the ways a storyboard artist can elevate a dialogue sequence.  This hand-out lays out examples that show how Kim Possible attempted to do just that.

Big shout out to Steve Loter, the director (and now good friend) who gave me a shot to work on this show.  He knew I could do the dialogue scenes, but, as you will see in my next blog post, the action sequences are quite another matter.  Steve rolled the diced and let me prove to him that I could meet and eventually exceed his expectations for my action sequence chops.

KP SB rules_personality seqs

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