Kim Possible Storyboard Rules, part II – action sequences!

Finally, the main course that many of you have been waiting for.  The tips and examples we were given to help us bang out dynamic “show-stopping” action sequences episode after episode.  The tips here are by no means exhaustive.  They basically break down and analyze a few sequences by two of the best action board artists in the game, Dave Bullock and Adam Van Wyck.

Funny story:  When they give you a storyboard test, you usually get a script and some board samples to show you the style they are looking for.  It is crucial that the samples NOT be from the script you are given to board for the test.  Unfortunately, that’s not what happened with my test.  Not only were the samples they gave me to emulate from the script I was to board…but the samples were boarded by none other than Dave Bullock!  So I know I need to do a different take on it than Bullock’s (to avoid any questions of plagiarism,) but DAMMIT, almost every way I could think was inferior to the choices that Dave made.  So I had the Sophie’s choice of boarding something similar to Dave’s choices or doing something inferior to avoid looking like a copycat.  Thank GOD, director Steve Loter recognized my dilemma and also saw that I had real potential in boarding action (despite coming from a very talky sit-com type background.)  Phew!

My favorite tip from this hand-out is an old film school trick:  watching movies WITH THE SOUND OFF.  It is a crucial and immensely effective way to study a film.  You can pay attention to the choices the filmmaker has made (composition, cutting rhythm, shot choice, lighting, etc) without being sucked into the story.  Without further ado, the notes…

KP SB rules_action seqs


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