Bonus Kim Possible Storyboard tips handout

I hope you enjoyed the last two hand-outs from my stint on Kim Possible.  There is actually a third one that covers general filmmaking tips, like staging and shot choice.  This hand-out comes from respected board artist, Eugene Salandra.

Some of the tips are specific to the production.  You should not, for example, avoid extreme upshots on every production you ever work on.  Some might warrant it.  These kind of tips sometimes arise because the director might find that the overseas studio doing the animation cannot handle this type of shot, or it’s not worth it to spend the retakes to get them to do it right.  So you figure out ways to still stage dynamically without taxing the limits of your animation studio.

Not only is Eugene talented, but he is one of the nicest guys around.  It was just another extension of his generous spirit for him to put this together this hand-out for the KP crew.  And now, it is for you as well…

KP SB rules-ES

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