Recess thumbnails: Night of the Living Finsters

I’m going to take a page from retailers right now, who have filled their shelves with all manner of Halloween goodies.  I’m going to post a (mostly) complete thumbnail board for a Halloween short we did on Recess.  The gang wanders into one of Digger brothers’ many tunnels, only to find “an ancient Finster burial ground.”  They are set upon by a horde of different zombie Finsters from different eras of our history.  Pirate Finster, Colonial Finster, Western Finster…even Coonskin Cap Finster!  See how cool Recess was?  It was way out front of the zombie craze.  Heck…maybe we caused it?

Does anyone remember seeing this on TV?  What was your favorite Finster zombie?  Can you bring yourself to eat tomato soup after seeing this episode?

Recess Night of the Living Finsters thumbs

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