Welcome!  I’m Dave and this is my personal art and animation blog.  I’ve done storyboards for 12 years or so and have now been a director for about 5 years.  I’ve done most of my work at Disney TV Animation and Nickelodeon, including work as the Supervising Director on Penguins of Madagascar.  Currently, I’m at DisneyToon Studios working as a story artist.

I’ll be posting random drawings and such, but also installments of different personal projects I’m working on.  All artwork is copyright by me, unless otherwise noted.  That means you need to ask permission first before using my work!  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I always knew you were an amazing artist. As far back as I can remember, you were always drawing on your school folders and showing us your new stuff at the bus stop. Thanks for posting some of your work so that those of us back home in Michigan can follow along!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Those are some funny memories. Sometimes it amazes me, though, that those old silly drawings led to here. Crazy stuff! Please check back occasionally to see if (I mean “when”) these projects reach a fruition.

  2. Hey man! Great stuff! I can’t wait to see how all of these projects progress. Keep rockin’ it!

  3. Wow, David! I’m glad that you referenced this blog on Facebook today, or it might have been months before I discovered this outstanding blog site! I absolutely love your talent and your outlook on life! Sorry that I missed you when you were in Michigan for the Easter vacation…but look forward to seeing you again one of these trips! The Moody clan is a big fan of yours…and we’ll keep watching your progress from afar! Keep up the great work! Pat

    1. Thanks Pat! That Moody clan backing is no small thing either! I love it! I’m glad you enjoy my work. One of these trips back to Michigan we’ll connect. I’m going to give a guest lecture at U-M Ann Arbor in the Fall and I’m trying to make it the week of Art Prize. That way I can hopefully swing over to GR on that Saturday or Sunday. We’ll see; U-M still hasn’t firmed up the dates yet. Thanks for checking out the blog — check back frequently, please.

  4. Hi Dave, I work as an IT geek and management have asked us to choose a team name & logo to print on a sign and hang over our desks. We chose “Team Honey Badger” because, well, honey badgers are badass.

    Anyway the guys and I would really like to use your logo on our sign even though it’s a hilariously macho mascot for a bunch of computer nerds. What do you say?

    1. Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for the inquiry, but I made this logo for my personal use with my ice hockey team. I’m not giving permission for use at this time, but good luck in your search for a team logo.

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