Apu Trilogy

“NEVER HAVING SEEN A SATYAJIT RAY FILM IS LIKE NEVER HAVING SEEN THE SUN OR THE MOON.” —AKIRA KUROSAWA As a film geek from way back, I was very excited to learn about Criterion’s 4K digital restoration of all 3 films in the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray.  http://janusfilms.com/aputrilogy/restoration.html They are screening across the country […]

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Monkeying around

Hey faithful readers…if there are any left.  I’m monkeying with my blog theme.  Trying to find one that is more elegant and a little easier to navigate.  Please bear with me as I try to figure it out. By the way, if you are interested more in a general portfolio and want to peruse my […]

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X-Men 50th anniversary

I somehow missed this article last month.  The article is fine, but the best part is the 51 photo gallery with captions taking you through the history of the series and its creators.  The X-men was my favorite title by far when I was growing up and figured heavily in inspiring my artwork.  This was […]

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Write up in advance of my visit to U of M

Write up in advance of my visit to U of M

I’m about to do my third annual visit to the University of Michigan’s Screen Arts & Culture program.  I’m thrilled to be able to talk to the students and pass on any tips I’ve accumulated over the years since I graduated in 1992.  The Michigan Daily, the University’s daily newspaper, did this great write up on me to help promote my visit.  The pressure is on to perform now!

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Drunken Yogi

I made this card for my brother-in-law’s birthday.  We’re getting him a bunch of craft-brewed beer, so I thought this might be an appropriate card for him.  He’s also a sucker for that “crass co-opting of a cultural icon” type humor.  For example, one of the t-shirts we got him in the past had an […]

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Recess Movie fan mail

By far, this is the best fan mail I’ve read regarding anything I’ve ever worked on.  (It’s especially gratifying, since I storyboarded the Green Tambourine bit he references.)  And… because the name of the fan is TJ Schwingle.  I hope to God that it’s real.  It tickles me that there is a TJ Schwingle out […]

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