Drunken Yogi

I made this card for my brother-in-law’s birthday.  We’re getting him a bunch of craft-brewed beer, so I thought this might be an appropriate card for him.  He’s also a sucker for that “crass co-opting of a cultural icon” type humor.  For example, one of the t-shirts we got him in the past had an […]

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14??? I can’t believe it!

A boy I’ve known since he was born just turned 14.  And I was stunned.  I really couldn’t fathom how much and how fast he’s grown.  This made his birthday card a breeze to make.  I just had to make a bunch of versions of me looking stupified and incredulous.  The inside said something like, […]

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Ruby gets her wings

This was a fun drawing I did for my daughter Ruby soon after she had become quite enamored with Tinkerbell and fairies.  I think it was for a birthday card.  My other daughter Maddie is constantly wishing she could fly, too.  It’s such a powerful and exciting fantasy, no?

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