donkeyboy: the Conclusion

This week, Tuesday is the new Monday.  Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one.  Here we have the last installment of the donkeyboy saga.  As you can tell, there are more roughs this time; as I got near the end, I just wanted to get it all down.  Time-consuming clean-ups come later. The […]

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donkeyboy: drama under the bigtop!

Welcome!  Welcome!  Ladieeez  and Genlemun!  Sure to excite and stimulate, leading a madcap display of danger-defying feats of skill and audacity, in the center ring, the deacon of derrring-do…iiiiiit’s…DONKEYBOY!!! Wooo…the tension is getting thick!  Even with the whole circus behind him, can donkeyboy stand up to the merciless ridicule of the bully?  Be sure to […]

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donkeyboy: Emotional Rescue

Happy Monday, everyone.  Sorry for neglecting Amos & Slim and French Moto so much.  I promise to catch up soon  (Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary back-to-back kinda derailed me on the extracurricular art front.) So, in today’s installment of donkeyboy, we find the little girl feeling remorse for how she and her classmates treated […]

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Witness: donkeyboy!

Today, we finally witness the first appearance of donkeyboy!  The little girl and a couple classmates notice a strange structure reminiscent of the blanket forts they used to build in their living rooms on rainy days.  But bigger… They investigate… Donkeyboy, the eternal optimist, emerges like a showman, sure to be welcomed.  (I do have […]

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Okay.  Here’s the deal.  I have a few projects I’d like to share about, but I can never decide which one to concentrate on.  So, to help me focus, and to help you know what to expect on any given day (or at least certain given days), I’ve decided to set aside specific days of […]

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So, it’s been a slow start with posts.  Part of it is the logjam of thoughts on what to post as my first piece of art.  I wanted it to be something bold, iconic, and very deeply representative of me.  Now, not that I’m sad all the time (quite the opposite,) but this character is […]

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