Ralph’s grocery bag design

Ralph's grocery bag design

This is the design I submitted to the contest to design a reusable grocery bag at the Ralph’s supermarket chain. If you like it, give it a vote over at the Ralph’s website. Thanks for giving it a look-see!


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14??? I can’t believe it!

A boy I’ve known since he was born just turned 14.  And I was stunned.  I really couldn’t fathom how much and how fast he’s grown.  This made his birthday card a breeze to make.  I just had to make a bunch of versions of me looking stupified and incredulous.  The inside said something like, […]

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lil chefs brochure

I just got the final designs of the brochure I did some illustrations for a few weeks ago.  I love them!  My friend, Monica Bucknam, did a great job tying it all together.  Love the colors, too! This job represented a breakthrough for me with Illustrator.  This was the first time I was able to […]

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Lil chef

This lil chef is represents one of the approaches that I took to my latest freelance gig–cute lil kid chefs for a friend’s design project.  The client ended up preferring a more sketchy/outline type approach.  Both were fun, but it’s always a kick to lift up the reject for a little extra attention, especially when […]

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