Recess sketches: Golf episode

I had fun doodling some inspirational sketches for my board for “The Principals of Golf.”  Principal Prickly takes on his nemesis and brother, Principal Paul Prickly (voiced by Martin Mull.)  Prickly teams up with Vince; Paul has this foppish little twit partner with a ridiculous golf outfit that I LOVED to draw.

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14??? I can’t believe it!

A boy I’ve known since he was born just turned 14.  And I was stunned.  I really couldn’t fathom how much and how fast he’s grown.  This made his birthday card a breeze to make.  I just had to make a bunch of versions of me looking stupified and incredulous.  The inside said something like, […]

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Going “Turtle”

Our hockey team had an amazing game this week where we knocked off the first place, previously undefeated team.  During the game, one of our centers enraged one of the other team’s players by high-sticking him in the head.  As our center will still relate in his defense, the high-stick was accidental.  That didn’t stop […]

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halloween hangover

I woke up this morning with severely puffy eyes.  Could have been the lingering after-effects of the spirit gum that held on my prosthetic nose from my costume yesterday.  Or the wine.  Or my allergies.  Most likely it was all of the above.  Either way, I almost tripped on the bags under my eyes when […]

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