Apu Trilogy

“NEVER HAVING SEEN A SATYAJIT RAY FILM IS LIKE NEVER HAVING SEEN THE SUN OR THE MOON.” —AKIRA KUROSAWA As a film geek from way back, I was very excited to learn about Criterion’s 4K digital restoration of all 3 films in the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray.  http://janusfilms.com/aputrilogy/restoration.html They are screening across the country […]

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Monkeying around

Hey faithful readers…if there are any left.  I’m monkeying with my blog theme.  Trying to find one that is more elegant and a little easier to navigate.  Please bear with me as I try to figure it out. By the way, if you are interested more in a general portfolio and want to peruse my […]

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Write up in advance of my visit to U of M

Write up in advance of my visit to U of M

I’m about to do my third annual visit to the University of Michigan’s Screen Arts & Culture program.  I’m thrilled to be able to talk to the students and pass on any tips I’ve accumulated over the years since I graduated in 1992.  The Michigan Daily, the University’s daily newspaper, did this great write up on me to help promote my visit.  The pressure is on to perform now!

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Alive and well in Pixie Hollow

Hello old friends!  Sorry for the extended absence from the blogosphere.  My life in the last month and a half has seen quite a bit of upheaval and change.  All good stuff, though.  In early February, I left Nickelodeon after 6 years of rewarding work and started over at DisneyToon Studios to work for my […]

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Weird Monsters

I couple years ago, a writer friend of mine was putting together a pitch bible for a show he and his writing partner were developing.  He described these kooky monsters to me, and asked if I could come up with some artwork for them.  I included a rough, more whimsical approach to the Frog monster, […]

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