Penguins No More

I recently moved on from directing on Penguins of Madagascar to work on the TMNT reboot.  I wanted to leave something special for my supervising producer, Nick Filippi and my Exec. Producers, Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley.  I loved working with them and owe them a lot.  Here is the card I came up with […]

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an oldie, but a goodie

Some of my friends have already seen this, but it’s definitely worth a post here on the ole bloggy blog.  This was an animated Valentine to my wife a few years ago.  I spent about a week’s worth of nights (including one all-nighter) to churn it out.  Drawn, painted, and animated in Flash.  (I need […]

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This land is my land…

Hey friends and future-friends!  Welcome to my animation art blog. You have now entered into the land of my unfiltered ideas.  This land will be populated by various scratches and scribbles, but also, over in the nicer part of town, you will find more formal ideas, like the shorts I’ve been chipping away at in […]

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