Full Circle Wolverine

Tonight, I fly out to Michigan to give two guest lectures at my alma mater, University of Michigan.  Over the years since my graduation, I’ve reconnected with my very first film prof, Hugh Cohen.  It was 1988 when I first stumbled upon his class, The Art of Film F/V236, when looking for an elective to […]

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Mall Spies

A couple years ago, I had just hit my stride as a director on Penguins of Madagascar, and Nickelodeon Development threw me a curveball.  They wanted me to direct Al Madrigal’s pilot for his property, Mall Spies.  Outside of my normal day job.  Well, calls like that don’t come too often, so of course I […]

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donkeyboy: Emotional Rescue

Happy Monday, everyone.  Sorry for neglecting Amos & Slim and French Moto so much.  I promise to catch up soon  (Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary back-to-back kinda derailed me on the extracurricular art front.) So, in today’s installment of donkeyboy, we find the little girl feeling remorse for how she and her classmates treated […]

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