Inspiration for Amos

The inspiration for Amos’ design was this little old lady that shared a room with my mom in hospice.  She had droopy eyelids so heavy that they seemed to cover her eyes, unless she decided to look up at you.  I had to sketch her.  I loved her look so much, that I knew right […]

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donkeyboy: drama under the bigtop!

Welcome!  Welcome!  Ladieeez  and Genlemun!  Sure to excite and stimulate, leading a madcap display of danger-defying feats of skill and audacity, in the center ring, the deacon of derrring-do…iiiiiit’s…DONKEYBOY!!! Wooo…the tension is getting thick!  Even with the whole circus behind him, can donkeyboy stand up to the merciless ridicule of the bully?  Be sure to […]

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donkeyboy: Emotional Rescue

Happy Monday, everyone.  Sorry for neglecting Amos & Slim and French Moto so much.  I promise to catch up soon  (Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary back-to-back kinda derailed me on the extracurricular art front.) So, in today’s installment of donkeyboy, we find the little girl feeling remorse for how she and her classmates treated […]

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It all started with the Majestic

It was the mid-nineties.  I was subletting in Chicago.  Something drew me to the travelling exhibit of the Guggenheim Art of the Motorcycle.  The early motorcycle designs, before a standard was figured out, was nothing short of spectacular.  It was art.  Form did not always follow function.  And sometimes that led to some of the […]

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